In the late summer of 2018 my family moved from a large suburban town in kansas to rural Miami County. My junior year of high school I thought I had it all planned out I wanted to be a vet; or so I thought. After moving there was something about the space, the openness, and the beauty of nature I was drawn to. The farms changed, the colors changed, everything changed. This included my plans, my senior year was cut short due to the Covid pandemic so I picked up a full time job as a custom applicator. This was my first real experience running big farm equipment but I loved it this quickly changed my mind about being a vet I had decided I, Dylan Reynolds was going to be a farmer. In the spring of 2020 I picked up my first 30 acres and with the help of some local farmers I had a great first growing season. Now I strive to grow the best soybeans and corn in Miami county and help other young farmers get their start in farming. There are a lot of problems you must overcome when starting a farm so young. I hope to make these troubles easier for the next generation of American farms.

Let’s grow something together.