The Back Story

From the time I was born till now I had a hard time finding something I was truly passionate about. First was bowling then baseball and karate and music. While I liked all of these thing I never poured my whole heart into them. I grew up in a suburban town in Northeast Kansas and lived there through my sophomore year, my family had enough with all the limitations of the city life and wanted to move out to the countryside. Not to mention my bird dog Holly was not pleased with the little backyard she had to run in. In August of 2018 we moved leaving the city sized lots behind and expanding our views to gravel roads and farm land. The first drive out here I was astonished at all the crops growing in the fields, as dad was telling stories of how his grandfather my great grandfather had farmed in southern Missouri. This got me thinking and I quickly decided this was what I was going to do. I was going to be a farmer and continue my family’s age old traditions. The hardest part wasn’t finding equipment or the land it was finding the knowledge. All the big farmers have their secret recipe to success every year and don’t want to let anyone else in on it. This led me to hours of grueling research to answer my questions, how much fertilizer, what chemicals, what seed, and the biggest one where do I find the money to do all of this. As I was pondering all of these questions it hit me the only way to figure out the so called recipe is to work for the successful farms. In the fall of 2019 I reached out to Guetterman Brothers Family Farms and asked if I could volunteer through harvest they taught me many great skills that I use to this day. After harvest I asked if they had any part time positions i could fill but sadly they didn’t so I turned to the internet to find a farm to work for and found Family Farm Ag Services. I was hired on the spot to run a fertilizer spreader that could throw fertilizer 80 feet per pass and was 15 feet wide as I drove it down the road. This job taught me a lot about the different fertilizer programs that the local farmers used and some about the chemical applications side to control pests in the crop. At this point my senior year was cut short and I decided to take a full time position with them through the summer before I left for college. I decided on a Agronomy major from k state but had to come home to watch my crops finish out as it was my first year farming. After one semester in prison I mean K State which seemed like prison because of all the covid restrictions I decided that wasn’t for me $80,000 to get a degree to farm was not a option I needed to spend that money on many other things other than tuition and I could get me CCA (certified Crop Advisor license) by selling seed and/or chemical for 4 years. That’s how I got to where I’m at today.

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